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内容提要:In this post, I’ll share ten other freelancing “surprises” that most non-freelancers probably don’t ever think about.

It was over ten years ago, well before I became a freelancer, but I still remember.我还记得十多年之前,那时候我还没开始做自由职业,我的朋友自信满满地说。

“I don’t believe anyone could earn decent money through the Internet.” My friend confidently stated and…I agreed with her.“上网能赚钱,我不信”。当时我也认同这种说法。

Can you believe it? I agreed with her, yet today here I am today doing exactly what both of us thought could never be done. There are many things that I didn’t know about freelancing until I became a freelancer myself.你相信吗,当时赞同她观点的我,今天却做到了过去我们俩都想象不到的事。在我没做自由职业之前,好多事情我都不知道。

I guess the first surprise is how very possible it is to earn money as a freelancer. There are many other things that I never would have dreamed of before I started freelancing myself. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has ever faced freelancing surprises…我猜最让人惊讶的也许是自由职业者如何赚钱。过去有很多事儿我做梦都不敢想,我也可以肯定自由职业会让很多人意外。

In this post, I’ll share ten other freelancing “surprises” that most non-freelancers probably don’t ever think about.我会在这篇文章里分享十个让人“惊讶”的方面,对于非自由职业者来说,他们也许从来都没有考虑过这些事。

Here are ten things about freelancing that take non-freelancers and new freelancers by surprise:这里是关于自由职业者们十个方面令人惊讶的情况:

1.The low start-up cost. While it does cost something to freelance, the cost to start a freelancing business is usually much lower than the cost to start any other type of business. There are no franchise fees to pay, no building space to rent or buy, no employees to hire…起步的低成本。尽管做自由职业者确有成本,但相比经营其他行业,自由职业的成本通常低很多。自由职业者不需要支付经营费,不需要租赁或者购置办公楼,不需要雇佣员工。

2.The importance of selling. Most freelancers probably don’t think of themselves as a sales person–at least, not at first. Yet, sales is a vital part of running a freelancing business since it is how freelancers get clients. No matter how uncomfortable, all freelancers need to know a little about selling.销售的重要性。多数自由职业者并不自认为是销售人员,至少开始是这样的。但是销售是自由职业经营中的重要一环,因为不营销就没业务。不管感觉多么别扭,所有的自由职业者都需要懂点儿销售知识。

3.The rate at which what you need to know changes. Even more than corporate employers, freelancers need to be on top of their field. This means keeping up with new software and hardware technologies, industry changes specific to your area of expertise, and being knowledgeable about the latest trends. If you don’t keep up, your competitor will.了解外界的变化。和公司职员相比,自由职业者更需要保持在行业前沿。他们得学习最新的软件和硬件技术,了解和自己专长相关的行业动态,知道最近的发展趋势——如果你不与时俱进,那你的竞争对手会的。

4.The strength of the online community. For most freelancing fields, as well as for freelancers in general, there is a strong online community. Freelancers tend to interact with each other through social media and online forums. They also tend to read the same blogs and online publications. If you think you won’t have peers as a freelancer, you’d be wrong。网络社区的作用。多数自由职业领域,包括整个自由职业行业,都有较大的在线社区。自由职业者重视通过社交媒体或论坛与别人互动,他们也读相同的博客和出版物。如果你觉得做自由职业者不需要同伴,那你就想错了。

5.The lack of a market rate or standard. There are so many variables (such as skill level, location, experience, and so on) involved that it can be difficult for freelancers (and their clients) to know what a fair rate is. Not only that, clients (and freelancers) sometimes use almost the same words to describe very different projects. When it comes to pricing, freelancers are on their own.缺少市场标准。自由职业涉及的影响因素很多,比如技术能力、区位、经验等方面,所以自由职业者和客户不太容易知道最合适的价格。不仅如此,客户和自由职业者有时几乎用相同的语言描述差别很多的项目。在定价的时候,自由职业者往往得自己拿主意。

6.The fact that many freelancers can be harder on themselves than many bosses would be. Some freelancers may have left traditional employment to get away from a bad boss. While having a bad boss is no fun, freelancing isn’t always the escape that one might think it would be. In fact, some freelancers are harder on themselves than any boss would ever be.自由职业者可能比很多雇主更艰难。一些自由职业者或许因为老板不好放弃传统工作方式。尽管老板不好让人头疼,但自由这也并不总是人们想象的乌托邦。实际上,一些自由职业者的经营比任何老板都艰难。

7.The importance of social media. Social media has gone mainstream and nearly everyone has some level of involvement in social media. For freelancers, though, social media is even more important. It’s the lifeline that connects them to their clients, potentials clients, and to other freelancers.社交媒体的重要性。社交媒体日渐成为主流,几乎每个人都或多或少和它有交集。但对于自由职业者,社交媒体更加重要,因为它是自由职业者联系客户、潜在客户和其他自由职业者的工具。

8.The importance of self-discipline. When you freelance, it’s up to you to make sure that the work gets done. There’s no one looking over your shoulder or sending you reminders to keep you on schedule. You absolutely must have the self-discipline to keep working even when no one is looking.自律的重要性。做自由职业,完全是自己决定工作情况。没人监督也没人安排进度。即使没人看着,自由职业者也必须通过自律保证工作进程。

9.The global nature of freelancing. Another huge difference between most traditional employment and freelancing is the global nature of freelancing. As a traditional employee, unless you worked for a very large international company, you probably dealt mostly with people who are based in your own geographic area. This is not true of freelancing. As a freelancer working through the Internet, you may find yourself with clients (and colleagues) all over the globe.

10.The lack of personal days. It’s no fun working sick, trust me on this. As a traditional employee, you probably had a number of paid sick days or personal days that you could take off each day if you weren’t feeling well. As a freelancer, however, it’s up to you to save enough money so that you can take a day off if you don’t feel well. Even with savings, you may find yourself working sick to might a tight client deadline.缺少属于个人的生活。带病工作很痛苦,真的。传统职员如果觉得不舒服,也许能有几天带薪病假或者事假,但自由职业者就得多攒钱,这样才能在觉得不舒服的时候给自己“请假”。即使有积蓄,你也可能会坚持带病赶进度。


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